Ten Things I've Found in Cheap Motel Rooms

On November 9, 2002, in Uncategorized, by JLynnJohnston

(While on tour with Mad at Gravity)

10. Pink super-bouncy ball
9. Stuart Little Airplane toy
8. 2 Green Army men (Bazookas)
7. 1 Green Army man (Rifle, 1,000 miles away from the first two)
6. AT&T Phone card (60 Minutes, 37 left)
5. White wife beater , Fruit of the Loom, size XL
4. Dirty children’s sock in an unmade pullout
3. Tortoise-shell mens pocket comb
2. 1 Tan Army man (grenade thrower… It this a conspiracy?)
1. Small Burgundy Prescription Pill


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